M      A      T      C      H      F      A      C      T      S F      O      O      T      A      G      E           I      N      F      O      R      M      A      T      I      O      N
Date Match Result Competition phase Language TV Channel logo Commentator Footage[1] Length[2] Quality Notes
  World Cup 1979 (U-20):              
26.7.1979 Hungary-USSR 1:5 WC79(U-20) group D JAP complete good  
30.7.1979 USSR-Uruguay 0:1 WC79(U-20) group D JAP complete good/very good  
9.8.1979 USSR-Argentina 1:3 WC79(U-20) final SPA complete 85 good/very good brightness picture
  World Cup 1980 (U-21):                
9.4.1980 Italy-USSR 0:0 WC80(U-21) 1/4 ITA(not orig.) resume 34 very good/good  
  World Cup 1985 (U-21): (Played in Soviet Union)            
26.8.1985 USSR-Nigeria 2:1 WC85(U-21) round I ENG resume 40 very good  
  USSR-China 1:0 WC85(U-21) 1/4 ENG resume 7 good/very good  
  Spain-USSR 2:2 (pen.4:3) WC85(U-21) 1/2. ENG resume 49 very good/good  
  World Cup 1991 (U-20) :                
26.6.1991 Brazil-USSR 3:0 WC91(U-20) 1/2 POR complete very good/good  


1. Complete - match in (allmost) full length or one at least one half is in full length
2. Resume - footage contains a lot of importent scenes of the game, the goals, etc.
3. Edit. highl. - edited highlights - short footage with all the goals and a few key moments only
Footage duration in minutes, unless stated otherwise
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